Friday, April 5, 2013

SS13: AF Vandevorst

Once again simple gloves glammed up, this time with a spray of fine crystal beads. I've long been a fan of AF Vandevorst design and love the nude black mix of these gloves.


SS13: Miu Miu

Gloves on every look - now this is what I love to see.  The gloves are rather traditional - just standard leather gauntlets, however they've been accessorised with bracelets and jewels which is an old but cool way to add a special touch to what might otherwise be boring gloves.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

SS13: Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Looks to me like HRH The Queen inspired this collection, from the ever present gloves to the 50s hair-styling.  What I particularly like are the printed opera gloves which are worn to match or contrast the looks, the fabric has a subtle sheen and is certainly stretch judging from the fit, so I'm guessing it's either silk jersey or some sort of nylon mix - whatever it is, it works! And I adore the print.

SS13: Meadham Kirchhoff

These guys are into their gloves - judging by their last few shows, and I'm rather disappointed I never got to make any for them when I was in London.  I admire their spirit in this collection which goes against all the prevailing trends of pared down minimalism.  Instead they're flying full speed in the opposite direction with all the bells, bows, frills and whistles they can muster.  I'm sure Little Bo Peep had a space on their mood board.  The gloves come in the form of classic gauntlets and opera length - mostly white and blue with heavy beading.  There's also a pair of classic white leather gloves with bangle shaped wrists ... which I've seen before in a collection by designer  Natascha Stolle.  ASOS still has some black ones in their sale.

Monday, October 8, 2012

SS13: Temperley

Classic short gloves in sheer black and white net, emphasise the 50s flavour of the Temperley summer collection. I'm pretty sure these gloves are from London's Cornelia James - (they make gloves for the queen you know). Aha yes I found them: the very same gloves in the Cornelia James webshop.

AW12 Favourites: Lanvin

The gloves are the traditional/classic leather opera gloves seen on the catwalks all over - in this collection they're used mostly as contrast colours, sometimes matched to shoes, and come in blues, reds, blacks and greys with heavy bracelet hardware on the wrists. No grunge here - pure glamour, not exactly uber moden, yet somehow edgy.

AW12 Favourites: Jean Paul Gaultier

First let's start with the ready-to-wear collection, which was on a punk rock tip, I love the coloured streaks on the models' hair - a great way to cover up my roots I think.  I'm also of course a big fan of the leather fingerless gloves, most notable were the ones with attached clutch bag ... I wonder if this will catch on? I agree gloves with pockets for phone, lip-stick, keys would surely be great for party nights, tho money would have to be plastic to keep weight to a minimum.

The show evokes Paris/ Berlin in the 20s with silk top hats, fountains of fur, flapper dresses and the caged corsets JPG is famous for, which he also applied to boots and gloves.  In black and in gold metallic leather the leather cage gloves are open from the hand all the way up the arm  - they look great - they should have put them over other gloves too for extra colour contrast.  JPG also made spats for arms - not gloves exactly, more armlets - very cool for any stylish phone twitcher.